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Braised Beef with Dried Limes

I love doing a braise, as there is hardly another cookinbg technique that asks so little yet gives so much. Anyone can become a kitchen hero with this method, as long as you remember four simple steps: Sear, Sauté, Deglaze and Braise. Then you must be patient and wait as the braise fills your house with the most enticing aromas! Here I’m using artSAVOR 21 and dried limes with beef sirloin, to achieve a very different but robustly delicious flavor.

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Chili with Beans & Corn

You can easily lose your enthusiasm if you have to search and shop for ingredients every time you are inspired to create. I accomplish this by having artSAVOR mixtures as well as pre-seasoned proteins both raw or cooked in the refrigerator awaiting to be transformed into deliciousness. Here is what I created with some uncooked ground beef artSAVOR 20 mixture in the refrigerator.

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