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Each Blend an Artisan Original

Who needs another seasoned salt, BBQ rub or Cajun Spice?
Inspired by Eastern Mediterranean cuisine
Flavors that are unique and yet deliciously familiar




Bold, Yet Subtle Nuanced Flavors

Every bite creates a lasting flavor memory
Used alone or in combination – 12 artSAVORs
Endless building blocks to fuel your Culinary Creativity

Sourced from Around the World

Persian Limes, Mediterranean Leek, Sumac & Coriander
Just a few of the Exotic Notes Creating
A Symphony Engaging all the Senses





Blooming creates Flavor Magic

Most seasonings are ground like coffee
Essential oils dry, freshness and flavor are lost
artSAVORs are combined by you with oil to "bloom"
to release and combine the flavor essesences
to achieve uniform and maximum flavor
What people are saying ...

artSAVORs transform your cooking to 5 star in minutes! Even the healthy simplicity of a perfectly cooked eggs transforms to a Foodie Fantasty. . .
– Tony

Used the blends for the first time,
SO GOOD! Easy to use and delicious!

– Michael

the amazing blends travelled all the way to Buenos Aires. Incorporated into rice and vegetables. . . They're SO GOOD!

– Lorena

Summer is waning, but grilling season never ends!

3 Easy Steps to "Savory Deliciousness"     |     1. artSavor + Olive Oil   2. Coat Meat/Vegetables   3. Grill

Explore artSAVOR's perfect for Grilling "Eastern Mediterranean inspired" blends that you'll find only here.
Beef / Pork /Poultry / Seafood / Vegetables

what to cook create tonight?

artSAVOR's collection of super easy recipes (featuring our products of course)
will help you make the most of your meals. From creating warming comfort foods to healthy dish ideas
– artSAVOR will help you create dinners with confidence!
inspirational creations
Recipes by Homeira, artSAVOR Founder/Creator


your friends deserve your most flavorful nights

Are you looking for new recipe inspirations? The perfect brunch dish?
Or a quick & healthy weeknight dinner - we have it all.
Our recipes have been tested on friends and family and meet the savory deliciously yummy test!

We love it when you experiment with our artSAVORs – they are designed for versatile and easy cooking.
Have an artSAVOR recipe you’d like to share?
Send it via recipe submission page for possible publication and free goods.