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Herby Frittata Wraps

This Middle Eastern Frittata/Omelet is herby and not eggy. Easy to make and delicious to eat. artSAVOR .20 and artSAVOR 75 make this simple elegant appetizer hard to resist. You can use any kind of greens you have available. Presenting them as mini wraps with some crunchy greens and roots will give you the perfect balance of texture. The best part is that these can be prepared in advance and served cold or at room temperature.

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Mediterranean Brunch Casserole

Shakshuka or Paella or Bibimbap? That is the Question . . . Does it really matter? To me cooking is all about creating flavors and not being limited by any recipe or cooking technique. Remember whatever recipe or cooking method you follow today was first created by someone else. Be bold and explore, that someone could be you.

artSAVORs 20 and 75, meld to create a truly delicious array of flavors in my variation of shakshuka-style casserole. This is another picture-perfect dish to create from reserved food in your refrigerator and pantry.

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Chili with Beans & Corn

You can easily lose your enthusiasm if you have to search and shop for ingredients every time you are inspired to create. I accomplish this by having artSAVOR mixtures as well as pre-seasoned proteins both raw or cooked in the refrigerator awaiting to be transformed into deliciousness. Here is what I created with some uncooked ground beef artSAVOR 20 mixture in the refrigerator.

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