Iceberg "Steak" Salad


artSAVOR 75

Iceberg "Steak" Salad

This simple, yet elegant salad offers an array of flavors and textures from smoky, savory and pungent to crunchy, nutty and creamy brought together by artSAVOR 75. It is a great prelude or grand finale to your simple or multi-course dinner. To make it even more effortless, you can add my magical artSAVOR 75 to your favorite store bought vinaigrette.

artSAVOR Ingredients

Dill, Parsley, Leek, Basil, Salt, Pepper, Herbs & Spices

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Serves 8


¼C artSAVOR 75 already mixed with olive oil
½C Vinaigrette Dressing, Store Bought
1T Lemon Zest
2T Lemon Juice, freshly squeezed

8 Iceberg Lettuce "Steaks", Cut in 1” Slices
3C Persian Cucumber, Diced
3C Cherry Tomatoes, Halved
1C Mint Leaves, Julienned
2C Canned Black-Eyed Peas, Drained
2T artSAVOR 75 already mixed with olive oil
1C Cambozola Cheese, Sliced
1C Mint leaves, for Garnish




In a mixing bowl, add artSAVOR 75 mixture, Vinaigrette, lemon zest, lemon juice
Mix well with a fork or whisk,
Set aside and allow the flavors to infuse

Heat wok over medium high
Add peas and 2T artSAVOR 75 mixture, toss to dry sauté
Set aside to cool
Place cucumber, tomatoes, mint and peas in a mixing bowl
Add ¾ of the dressing and toss to combine
Place each slice of lettuce in the middle of plate
Drizzle some of the Blend mixture over them
Top with cucumber mixture
Top with cheese
Garnish with mint leaves and serve

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