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"healthyish" artSAVOR Ranch Dip

Say “bye, Felicia” to heavy, calorie-laden mayonnaise dips! This light, healthyish version has all the flavor without the calories. Once you have made our artSAVOR 75 based “ranch seasoning” mix – you will have a delicious dip in minutes for vegetable crudité, chips, french fries or any other munchable you like to dip in ranch! We tend to always have some mixed and ready in the fridge. While it can be made last minute, it’s so much better the next day and will keep well to the yogurt’s expiration date. If you want a slightly richer dip, use low-fat sour cream.

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Simple Lemon Vinaigrette

The simplest and most versatile recipe that requires just five ingredients, two of which are salt and pepper. Once you learn the 3:1 ratio of three parts oil to one part liquid, you will be on your way to the most inventive ways to dress salads, steamed vegetables, poached fish and more. They will think you’re a TOP CHEF, once you learn this recipe.

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Everyday Lemon Chicken

This recipes will become one of your go to favorites because it can be prepared ahead of time and used in so many ways. When a recipe suggests you use rotisserie chicken from the store – DON'T – make this instead. The lemon and artSAVOR 75 are very subtle so it can be used cold on a salad, served warm on a bed of simple pasta, used in enchiladas or stirred through a risotto which was my original inspiration.

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